How you can Hire a Designer?

In this easy step by step we can let you know how you can put in contact with us for make your brand step out with us!

1.Tell us about your design project.

Look for the Chat Bubble in the corner of your Computer/Phone. Tap, and let us know about how you can Hire a Graphic Designer.

2. Let us know exactly what do you need?

  • What kind of product do you need? Business Cards, Logo, Sign, etc.
  • How you plan to use this product?
  • What images or photos want to include in the design?
  • What text do you want included in your design?
  • What colors do you want to include?
  • You collected some inspiration you want to share?
  • In one word describe what kind of style you expect for your design?

3. After all this our Customer Representative are going to send all this information you with a Graphic Designer.

Set Up and fees can be change depends of the difficult of the design.